Employment Opportunities @ eSagePrime.com

eSagePrime is  a fast-growing company with priority needs in these areas. We have posted a partial list of available positions here on our blog. For the full list of positions currently open, click here

A.   Remote Positions

1.    Managing Editor (P/T now) – top professional with excellent background in financial planning, investment portfolios, legal matters/estate planning and small business issues. A background in law and/or travel is also helpful. Please send us samples of the writing you have edited or written.

2.    Freelance Writers (P/T) – freelance writers with strong backgrounds in personal finance matters, stock investments, and travel. Please send your resume along with sample articles and blogs you have created/posted.

3.    Software Consultants (P/T) – experienced software consultants to help us create our website platform, which will likely be based on a Joomla platform. A strong background in large data management systems is a plus.

4.    Blog Responders (P/T) – bloggers who have experience in responding to questions and issues raised in our blogs. The candidates must have extensive experience engaging viewers in conversations as learning experiences. A background in personal finance and/or travel is most desirable.

5.    Investment Analysts (P/T now) – professionals who are adept at the analysis of investments that include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. The candidates must have degrees in finance, economics, or business. Direct experience with a firm engaged in portfolio management is a major plus.


Email us at:  Jobs@eSagePrime15.com

Please note: eSagePrime Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which observes all laws related to employment matters. We are also a drug-free and tobacco-free environment. We adhere to healthy lifestyles that are sensitive and responsive to environmental concerns.

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